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Where Is The Comet? Page 6
This page has photos of our 1961 Comet
taken in front of interesting places.

Where Is The Comet
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Where Is The Comet Diners & Dives
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RI Diners That Are gone.

Diners That Have Gone To Die.

Diners That Are On Their Way Back.
Flying Horse Merry-Go-Round, Westerly, RI

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Flying Horse Merry-Go-Round, Westerly, Rhode Island
Oldest in America, made in 1876. The twenty horses are not attached to the floor but instead are suspended from a center frame, swinging out or flying when in motion. Each horse is hand carved from wood and is embellished with real tails and manes, leather saddles and agate eyes. The only flying horse carousel surviving in the country. It was brought to Watch Hill in 1883 permenently in 1883 or 1884. Children only. Lovingly maintained and preserved by The Watch Hill Memorial Library and Improvement Society.

Watch Hill Light, Westerly, RI

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Watch Hill Light, Westerly, Rhode Island
A watchtower and a simple beacon were first established at Watch Hill by the Rhode Island colonial government around 1745. The watchtower and beacon were destroyed in a 1781 storm. An act to build the lighthouse was signed in 1806 by President Thomas Jefferson. The first tower served until 1855 and a new 45-foot tower was built and first lighted in 1856. The light was automated in 1986 and the Fresnel lens was replaced by a modern optic.

Wooden Observation Tower, South Kingstown, RI

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Wooden Observation Tower, South Kingstown, Rhode Island
You can climb this 100 - foot open-air wooden tower atop MacSparran Hill, named after Reverend MacSparran who was the first Episcopal minister in the area. It was built in 1937 as a lookout to the sea. There is a spectacular view of the Rhode Island coastline.

Prescott Farm Windmill, Middletown, RI

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Prescott Farm Windmill, Middletown, Rhode Island
Prescott Farm Windmill was built in 1812. Prescott Farm was the location where Revolutionary War British General Prescott was captured. General Prescott, commander of the 4,000-strong British occupying force on Aquidneck Island, took the house owned by Loyalist John Overing as his rural headquarters. He was captured there by a party of 30 men led by American Colonel William Barton on July 10th 1777.

Boyd's Windmill, Middletown, RI

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Boyd's Windmill, Middletown, Rhode Island
Boyd's Windmill, also known as Boyd's Wind Grist Mill, built in 1810, is a historic smock mill in Middletown, Rhode Island. John Peterson built the windmill on Old Mill Lane in Portsmouth, Rhode Island in 1810, and William Boyd purchased it in 1815. It originally had four common sails, but four more were added by the family. The windmill was restored by the Middletown Historical Society after receiving it as a donation in 1990 and moving it to Paradise Valley Park in Middletown.

Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA

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Battleship Cove, Fall River, Rhode Island
Battleship Cove is a navel exhibit in Massachusetts. At the heart of the exhibit is the Battleship Massachusetts, "Big Mamie". There is also a Balao-class submarine, USS Lionfish, the Destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.,"Joey P", two PT boats, 617 and 796, and the Rudolf Eglehofer, a Tarantul I class corvette built at the Soviet Union. In the backgound is the Braga Bridge.

Dunseith Gardens "Salty", Mattapoisett, MA

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Dunseith Gardens "Salty", Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
A Mattapoisett landmark to generations of South Coast visitors. Salty the Seahorse kept a watchful eye (It lights up) on tourists headed for Cape Cod for decades, with an occassional wink of his eye to attract them into Henry Dunseith's gift shop. Located at the corner of Rt. 6 and North Street in Mattapoisett, MA, the structure stands approximately 38 feet tall and was built by Theodore Tetreault in the mid-1950s. Henry passed away in 1988 and left Salty and the gift shop to the Mattapoisett Land Trust. Salty almost met his terrible demise when the Land Trust had considered removing Salty, but many Salty fans came to his rescue. He has sinced been rewired, painted and mounted on a new pole. Barring any disasters, Salty should be able to keep an eye on use for the next 50 years.

Edgemere Drive-In, Shrewsbury, MA

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Edgemere Drive-In, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
Once the home of the biggest Drive-in screen in the state of Massachusetts, 120' wide which was damaged in a 1988 storm, and replaced with an 80' screen. The Drive-in, which opened in 1955, had a capacity for up to 1,000 cars on 36-acres.